Was it my lucky day or did God really look out for me?
Well first, for the past 8 months I have been driving my car uninsured. (That’s a whole other story for a whole new blog lol). and I have had expired tags for a month now.
So 2 weeks ago, I got pulled over driving in Kansas by a state trooper, ugh! He hit me with expired tags and no insurance. Note- this is the second time I’ve been caught with out it.
Now all this time I’ve been driving with caution! Kinda sorta, haha. And just a couple days ago I FINALLY found a place selling insurance.
Long story short, just as soon as I left the insurance company, I was driving down the street when a patrol car appeared behind me.
Now, for one, we were in a school zone. I automatically started panicking thinking I was speeding and he was about to get my ass. Then I started to think about my tags, and knowing that they are expired, I knew I could get pulled over just for that alone.
So I remained calm. I ain’t never prayed to God so hard. Hell, I’ve never done the speed limit unless the weather was bad. But once I saw he wasn’t turning anytime soon, i had to think quick. What did I do? Nothing exactly lol. I drove regular, and kept my eyes open for an opportunity to dodge this cop lol. I finally got over into the next lane in front of a metro bus and made a right at the light.
This is the 2nd time I’ve had to dodge the police. The 1st time was late at night and a cop car creeping in a restaurant parking lot saw me switch lanes without a signal & I was slightly speeding. I saw him when he started following me so once again, I just remained calm. I knew by the way he was following me that he wanted to check my plates. But I knew I was clean lol. the only think he could’ve got me for is reckless driving and no insurance. Again, I switched lanes and made a turn at the light. Haha.
The moral of the story is, no matter how illegal you may be driving. Sometimes it’s necessary to run, and sometimes it’s necessary to just chill. But my advice is just drive legally man lol. (I should probably take my own advice clearly)
Derrae Davis