Why I stopped eating meat and became a pescatarian!

I can’t lie, I loved meat. Everything about it, I loved! Steaks, pork chops, chicken, ribs, hamburgers, you name it I was eating it!
The decision for me to change my diet started early this year, 2016. First, I gave up eating pork back in march as part of my Lenten commitment. Fast forward to December and I have completely cut meat out of my diet… for good!

For one: a pescatarian diet consist of vegetarian meals but also includes seafood. Which is perfect for me! I love fruits and vegetables, and I also love seafood, I see no wrong.

A lot of people assume that because I don’t eat meat anymore that I’m starving myself or eating “nasty” food. Which is all a lie. Lol. If you know me then you know I love to EAT! So regardless of my choice of diet, just know I’m still eating big girl meals.

I had my last meat meal a couple nights ago. I decided I wanted to go to Applebee’s and pig out before I completely kicked meat out of my life. I had the best steak ever, or maybe it was just good because it was my last one. Either way, I ate it all lol.

Since then, I’ve been watching a ton of YouTube videos about cooking and recipes. Food network channel has always been my best friend if I may add. I really love to cook, and since I have this unique diet now it’s really fun for me to come up with new and exciting meals!

For me, I knew I wanted to stop eating meat after watching a few documentaries on Netflix. If you just search for “Food Inc.” and other related titles, you’ll find so many informative things to watch.

One thing I can say for sure is that diabetes does run in my family. With so many new diseases developing and new cancers on the rise, knowing what’s in your food can save your life honestly.

Like I said, my opinions about meat and processed foods or fast food, all came from watching documentaries and furthering my research. I suggest everyone to do the same. There’s no harm in finding out the truth behind YOUR FOOD. This is what you consume everyday of your life. You also watch as your family and friends consume this food as well. With so much shady business going on now, it is very important you know exactly you are putting into your body.

Whomever came up with the phrase “you are what you eat” didn’t say that for no reason. It is absolutely true. If you find that you’re lazy, tired, or depressed all the time it could be your diet. If your skin is constantly breaking out or your hair won’t grow then it’s most likely your diet. Many things about our bodies revolves around the foods we put into it.

Today, I challenge you to research the Ingredients in your favorite foods and snacks. You should also research the companies that produce these things too. If there is anything sketchy about the ingredients, believe it, then get rid of it… for good! Nothing on this earth is worth your health or your life and that includes food.

Not only will you be doing your future self a favor, you will also be an Inspiration to others around you!

Derrae Davis